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Artist rendition of what the Desert Rat will look like once her restoration has been completed 

The bomb bay catwalk truss is coming along nicely, even using the original style ice box rivets. 

Desert Rat Update: 

The restoration team has been working on the wings.  Please consider helping us  " Fund The Fort " with a tax deductible donation.  Your donation dollars will help get the Desert Rat flying. 

We are returning a rare Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon to flight. We have named her "Bad To The Bone" and we need your help to wake her up.

The Harpoon was a WWII patrol bomber that was used for anti-shipping operations, primarily in the Aleutian Islands. Currently there are only three airworthy Harpoons, and once airworthy ours would make number four. To donate simply click on the link below.  

 Bad To The Bone Update:

The replica 50 cals are coming along.

 The cost of the carburetor overhauls is $9,000 for both carbs. Any donations to help offset this cost would be greatly appreciated. 

Interested in volunteering with the Museum?? Fill out the Volunteer Application. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to fill out the form online. If you need to install it, get the free software here.

Membership: Interested in becoming a member of the Museum? Complete the Membership Application, print it out and send it to us with your membership dues!

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